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December 26, 2013

Explosion box tutorial

Hello Friends

First of all Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope you all are enjoying. Winters are here and so the Santa Claus. Today I am going to share two tutorials in one post yes you read it right. So lets move on to tutorials without wasting time.

Tutorial one: Explosion box.

Explosion boxes are always lovely and believe me they are pretty easy to make. Take one 12*12 inch cardstock and one 11.5*11.5 inch cardstock. Score both the cardstock at 4 inches on all four sides. Here is the pic.

Cut the four corners and it will look something like a cross.

Now decorate the panels as you like and assemble.

Now for the lid of the box take 7.1*7.1 inch cardstock and score it at 1.5 inch on all four sides. It will look like this.

Make a perpendicular cut on each corner and paste with the glue to the other side. This will form the lid of the box. And decorate the lid with pattern papers, flowers and other embellishments as you wish.

Tutorial Two: How to put popping out butterflies in the explosion box.
As I get frequent request as to share the tutorial on how I put butterflies on the explosion box.

Cut strips of acetate sheet or some stern plastic in the shape shown below.
Now shape them in Z shape. like this.

Now make a cut diagonally on all four corners of the top panel of (yellow in tutorial) explosion box.
Now just inset the Z shaped acetate strips and add a drop of glue at the backend. It will look like this if you turn it's back side
The acetate strips will pop out in this way.
Now stick the butterflies to the top of acetate strips. and assemble your explosion panels. And finally assembled box will look in this manner.

Hope these tutorial help you. Do let us know in case you have any queries.

July 7, 2012

My first Magic Box

Hello friends
I am back as I promised. Here weather is too good. It rained last day and I had chai and pakodas in the drizzling rain with my DH. Romantic na:) I was working on my first exploding box and it took 4-5 days to complete it. It was pending since long bcz I was busy with family functions. At last I was able to finalize it and am happy with the end results. These boxes are nice way to express your feelings with lots of space to add photos and personal messages...all the mush mush writings and love...So here are pics. Sorry for the picture quality as I am trying to learn the photography techniques. So friends get a cuppa of coffee sit back and watch it....Its a picture heavy post.
 Magic box
 Close up of flowers.

 Box in its full glory.
 Tags on panel 1.
 Heart tags on Panel 1.
 Tags for journaling on Panel 1.
 Space for photo Panel 1.
 Panel 1.
 Yummy cake.
 Panel 2- Pocket for journal or photo.
  Panel 2- Space for journal or photo.

  Panel 2- Pocket for journal or photo.
 Panel 2 
Hope you like it. Comments and compliments are welcome.
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